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Where Does Your Blog Stand

Stand up and take notice. Your blog is where you put it. Do you prop it up against your hobbies or rely on your education to support it? Keep in mind that your blog is completely what you make it. You define its position. You finesse its message with your brilliant copy writing skills.

Prioritize your goals about blogging

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If you thought that figuring out your life is a lot of responsibility, try establishing your online presence and managing your reputation through blog content. Yeah, they should offer college degrees in both life AND blogging.

I’ll be the first to admit that my blog has not been the object of my affection for the past few months. Unfortunately, I guess this means I  have been a blogging slacker. Sorry, folks. I would like to apologize on behalf of, well, myself. That was meaningful, right?

Any way, this year I want to concentrate more on becoming the person I want to be, so I am setting forth some goals. New Year’s resolutions are for beginners. Behold my Q2 resolutions (Version 20.10)…

  • Live up to my potential. An on-going process, for sure. Often there are not enough hours in the day, but a lifetime sure is enough time to pursue my dreams.
  • Land an awesome full-time job. While I enjoy the flexibility of working part-time at two very different organizations, a full-time position would offer several advantages.
  • Give BOLD moves the attention it deserves. I want my blog to be fabulous, so I should shower it with love and content creation.
  • Be healthier and work on my running game. In all seriousness, I want to develop a more regular work out routine and build up my running endurance and speed.

Hope this inspires you to take some time to prioritize some of your goals. I’ve found that this provides clarity when sorting out all the gory details of life. (Of course I’m exaggerating with that last statement. Also, I’m intentionally leaving out some of that fun personal stuff to keep this a more of a professional list because truly bold moves don’t tolerate that type of drama.) So, go forth and enjoy taking some baby steps toward finding yourself!



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