Three Little Words

No, I am not referring to those three little words that forever redefine romantic engagements.

The three little words to which I refer are those that describe yourself. I have been asked to do this several times during the interviewing process and tend to spit out a slightly rambling and definitely generic dialog about being a hard working, motivated individual who is driven to succeed and has no qualms about being a team player. 

However, on one occasion my mind kept getting tangled by three distinct words: sparkly, shiny and metallic.

Now these words are not usually used to describe people, especial during a job interview when they are trying to convey their work persona on limited time constraints. These three words couldn’t escape my mind. I was momentarily distracted, internally faced with a choice between regurgitating these words that the interviewer wanted to hear or the chance to really showcase my personality using alternative adjectives to the same effect. I, of course, not having the opportunity to have previously thought out how to best utilize these words opted for the same old song and dance that equates to the message: I’m a hard worker, and I learn fast. Please hire me!


I believe these words can be used to describe myself in a positive, professional manner.

  •  Sparkly – A sparkling personality and a wonderful sense of humor. I am generally easy to get along with, and I want to be an asset to the team.
  • Shiny – And new. I am in pristine condition as a recent college graduate. I am not used up or worn out. I am not tired of my work and looking for another route. I am ready to seek out opportunities and to put in the extra effort.
  • Metallic– I exude strength and perseverance. Metal is a necessary component to make the team stronger. 

And there you have it. Clear. Concise. Three little words that describe you. But alas, I am more than just three glittery adjectives. So what are these words worth?

My curiosity has frequently made me question whether these answers really matter in the hiring process. After all, summing up your worth into three little words is quite an accomplishment. Can you describe a life in three words? 140 characters? Can you even say your peace in 500 words?

I suppose it depends on what you have to say. When you speak, use your words clearly and effectively because each character counts. The most brilliant ideas can be said in very few words – it is the explanation that has the details. In this case, my lessons learned are to say who you are and to believe in your personal brand. Most importantly, if you have the option to be original and forward thinking, use it to your advantage and take that leap.




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Top Chicago Must-See List

This post is part of a series of posts that highlight some of the fun and inexpensive ways to explore your metropolis and absorb a bit of culture in the process. Although these activities are specific to Chicago, it will give you some great ideas of what to look out for in your own city.

So you are unemployed, you are a recent graduate with no cash flow or you have a job but no money because you are saving as much as possible in the event of the L-word (layoffs) infects your company. You’ve made a budget, and you are sticking to it. Times are tough, but that does not mean you can’t have fun this summer. You don’t have to sit at home worried about spending money. Plan your staycation and see the sights of Chicagoland!

So this is my second post about some really awesome things to check out in Chicago. All the information has been condensed, as I encountered writer’s distraught – condition not quite as disabilitating as writer’s block. I was inspired to pass along the major details in list form so that you, too, may have exciting Chicago adventures. I hope these attractions inspire you and brighten your day. Thank you for reading!

Gwynne’s Top 10 Chicago Must-See List

  1. The Edge at the Willis (Sears) Tower: Where else can you look down 103 floors?
  2. The Signature Lounge at the John Hancock Tower: For the price of a cocktail you get more than amazing views.
  3. The Lincoln Park Zoo: What can I say? As one of the nation’s oldest zoos, it made the list because it was the place where my siblings first saw cows. Be sure to check out the pacing leopard.
  4. Escape the busy metropolis in a foliage-filled sanctuary: The Lincoln Park Conservatory, The Garfield Conservatory, The Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond.
  5. Cheer on the home team at a sporting event: Whether it be da Cubs, da Bears or da Blackhawks, it’s Chicago, and we’re all about supporting our teams.
  6. Free days at the museum: The Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium all offer free days throughout the year. During the summer Tuesdays are free at the Museum of Contemporary Art and enjoy alfresco jazz on the terrace.
  7. Neighborhood tours: Whether you use the Chicago Greeter service or grab a tour book and set out on your own, it is about time you learned a bit about a new culture. Did you know that Chicago’s Chinatown has one of only a handful of replicas of the Nine Dragon Wall in Beijing’s Forbidden City? 
  8. The Loop: Buckingham Fountain, Shopping, Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago: Target has been a lovely sponsor this summer – Thursdays and Friday evenings are FREE at the AIC and all sorts of music is offered at various times.
  9. Chicago Museum of History: Free Mondays. History of Chicago. It’s best to know where you came from to know where you’re going.
  10. Bakeries and local restaurants: Check them out! It’s imperative that you understand the inter-workings of your neighborhood.

Cheers, G

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A Realization and A Decision

Around the time that BlogHer was in town, I attended a Social Media Club Chicago event.I was super excited to see what the group was all about and truly interested in what the panel of women bloggers had to say. They told the audience about their experiences blogging and lessons learned. Their words resonate in my head. They said to blog about a subject that no one else is blogging about right now. That’s easy and straight forward. A smart, sophisticated panel was advocating originality.

As a communications professional, I started my humble, little blog with the intention of creating great conversations about public relations and its impact on everyday life. Sounds simple enough, but there’s one catch – everyone is doing it. Leah Jones told me, “Don’t blog about PR. Everyone is blogging about that.” So true. There is no way to make an impact when everyone is talking about the same thing.

So I tried to write about travel experiences in the city. I wanted to spread the word about all the cool stuff that city dwellers and tourists alike should check out to get the authentic Chicago experience. I even tried proclaiming that there were going to be installments. I can’t even motivate myself to write about it. Here’s how the grand plan is going thus far: Day 1 written and posted (It sounds a bit like an advertisement, but I think that was because I was excited about the subject); Day 2 is still in the drafting stage.

Right now, I don’t possess the power to crank out a post because I feel that I have nothing of importance to say to the blogosphere. Sure, come talk to me in person any day of the week and we can have an in-depth conversation about nothing. But here it’s different. This space is my forum and I feel like I have nothing of worth to say. This is an issue. And I am working on remedying the situation.

I am a 20-something recent graduate on a job-hunting safari. I want this space to chronicle my personal growth and experiences as I find myself in the midst of everything. BOLD moves reflects my exploration, not the great  innovations and big blunders undertaken by Fortune 500 companies.

My first BOLD move in recent history was moving to Chicago. I love the city that I will soon be leaving and one day hope to return. But without a solid support system in the city I will most definitely turn into an icicle this coming winter. I am proactively seeking out my next BOLD move as I progress toward starting my first “real” job. I hope you enjoy my experiences as I follow my dreams.

Cheers, G

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Monday Summer Fun in Chicago – DAY 1

This post is part of a series of posts that highlight some of the fun and inexpensive ways to explore your metropolis and absorb a bit of culture in the process. Although these activities are specific to Chicago, it will give you some great ideas of what to look out for in your own city.

So you are unemployed, you are a recent graduate with no cash flow or you have a job but no money because you are saving as much as possible in the event of the L-word (layoffs) infects your company. You’ve made a budget, and you are sticking to it. Times are tough, but that does not mean you can’t have fun this summer. You don’t have to sit at home worried about spending money. Plan your staycation and see the sights of Chicagoland!


Chicago History Museum

Chicago History Museum

 It’s Monday – the start of the work week. Take a break and discover the Chicago History Museum . Located in the southern tip of Lincoln Park, the museum is free on Mondays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

It is a great place to take a break from life’s realities and delve into the past. Be sure to scope out the museum’s collection of dioramas depicting Chicago’s history from the first settlements to the Great Chicago Fire and the World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893. Chicago: Crossroads of America is part of the museum’s permanent collection provides a composite of Chicago’s history through Fort Dearborn, “L” Cars, skyscrapers and jazz clubs.

Feature exhibitions focus on some of the glitz and glamour of Chicago. Visit out the exhibit dedicated to Bertha Honoré Palmer , one of the most powerful women in 19th century Chicago society. Fashionistas don’t miss out on Chic Chicago! The exhibit, which runs through July 26th, highlights the couture garments worn by Chicago’s most stylish women dating back to 1861.

The Chicago History Museum is a cultural gem. Top-notch exhibits and easy access via public transit make it worth the trip. Additionally, it’s prime location in Lincoln Park makes it easy to supplement the day’s activities to include a leisure day at North Avenue Beach or relaxing in the green space of the park.

Chicago History Museum
1601 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60614

If you are the downtown working type, you can still take pleasure in the start of the week. Stop by Millennium Park on Monday evenings to discover new music with Chicagoans and visitors alike. The Mondays in the Park music series features free concerts at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion throughout the summer. The next Mondays In the Park concert will be held August 10. Visit for more information on the Mondays in the Park music series, as well as the Dusk Variations series and the Edible Audible Picnic series.

Get out there! Enjoy life!



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Busy, Exploring

It sure has been a while since my last post. Please don’t consider it as purposefully avoiding the conversation. I have been busy balancing the employment search, out-of-town guests, exploring culture and catching up on life’s annoyances, like laundry. I am currently preparing a series of posts regarding summertime in Chicago. In the mean time, please enjoy my guest post on the Michigan By The Bottle Blog. Big thanks to Shannon Casey who encouraged me share my experience in southwest Michigan wine country! You can also follow Shannon’s wine adventures by following @MichbytheBottle on Twitter.

Cheers, G

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Blissfully Funemployed – Let’s Rethink This

I recently learned about a new and exciting concept: funemployment

Apparently, the rules of unemployment have changed – people are reveling in their state of being jobless. A growing trend among the 20- and 30-something set, funemployment is a miracle for some and an extension of college for others.

We live in times when layoffs linger in the air and less than 20 percent of 2009 college grads are landing jobs, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Predominantly embraced by Gen Y, funemployment is well-suited for a significant number of Gen Xers, as well.

The trend encourages the unemployed to bide their time and wait out the economy. The recession is granting people possibilities, as former employees now have the opportunity to rethink their lifestyle and simplify their lives.

Everyone knows change is inevitable, but they do not realize that their survival depends on their quick response to accepting those changes. I’m not saying that your employment status solely depends being adaptive to change. I view funemployment as a survival tactic.

Americans have been buying into corporate culture and adopting it as their own for decades. However, linking your identity to your job can be dangerous, as the loss of your job can lead to the loss of your identity.

Given the chance to truly find themselves, overachieving Americans may be pleasantly surprised to learn whom they have become. For many funemployment is a means to control the situation. It is a welcome reprieve after years of being too busy to take time off for a vacation.

Living in a large metropolitan city, the joblessness is all around you. I was astounded by the amount of people out-and-about during the day in Chicago (and I’m not even considering the tourist haunts). Could all of these people be unemployed? I even mused to myself that I may be among the ranks of the funemployed. However, I confidently decided that I am not funemployed. Far too driven to return to completely carefree days, I am on the prowl for a job. I split my time being engorged in social media and immersing myself in all of the culture Chicago has to offer.

My advice: live it up while you can. Enjoy being funemployed, but don’t envy them if you have a job.

Cheers, G

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In Response to Responsibility

My first attempt at a real live blog, though much delayed, is bound to be interesting. The focus of this blog is culture, public relations and social media.

As a 23-year-old recent college graduate, I am still pinpointing my cultural identity. While I revel in the strategery of public relations and seek out the newest social media, I am passionate about culture. I want to be absorbed in culture. A natural people watcher, I am inspired by my surroundings – the people, the sights, the sounds, the weather – and reflect how my experiences will somehow impact my life.

After losing all (and I mean all) of my hobbies during college, “the real world” left me soul searching. I packed up my life and moved to Chicago, where I had accepted a PR internship. Responsibility set in, and I made the easy decision to pursue more than just a career. I wanted a life outside of work, but what should it be filled with? So begins my blog exploration: I am a food snob, a cultural thrill seeker and a public relations professional. Welcome to my blog! I thrive on pressure and am guided by feedback, so please share your comments and opinions.

Cheers, G

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