Three Little Words

October 9, 2009 at 3:42 pm Leave a comment

No, I am not referring to those three little words that forever redefine romantic engagements.

The three little words to which I refer are those that describe yourself. I have been asked to do this several times during the interviewing process and tend to spit out a slightly rambling and definitely generic dialog about being a hard working, motivated individual who is driven to succeed and has no qualms about being a team player. 

However, on one occasion my mind kept getting tangled by three distinct words: sparkly, shiny and metallic.

Now these words are not usually used to describe people, especial during a job interview when they are trying to convey their work persona on limited time constraints. These three words couldn’t escape my mind. I was momentarily distracted, internally faced with a choice between regurgitating these words that the interviewer wanted to hear or the chance to really showcase my personality using alternative adjectives to the same effect. I, of course, not having the opportunity to have previously thought out how to best utilize these words opted for the same old song and dance that equates to the message: I’m a hard worker, and I learn fast. Please hire me!


I believe these words can be used to describe myself in a positive, professional manner.

  •  Sparkly – A sparkling personality and a wonderful sense of humor. I am generally easy to get along with, and I want to be an asset to the team.
  • Shiny – And new. I am in pristine condition as a recent college graduate. I am not used up or worn out. I am not tired of my work and looking for another route. I am ready to seek out opportunities and to put in the extra effort.
  • Metallic– I exude strength and perseverance. Metal is a necessary component to make the team stronger. 

And there you have it. Clear. Concise. Three little words that describe you. But alas, I am more than just three glittery adjectives. So what are these words worth?

My curiosity has frequently made me question whether these answers really matter in the hiring process. After all, summing up your worth into three little words is quite an accomplishment. Can you describe a life in three words? 140 characters? Can you even say your peace in 500 words?

I suppose it depends on what you have to say. When you speak, use your words clearly and effectively because each character counts. The most brilliant ideas can be said in very few words – it is the explanation that has the details. In this case, my lessons learned are to say who you are and to believe in your personal brand. Most importantly, if you have the option to be original and forward thinking, use it to your advantage and take that leap.



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