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I’ve migrated! And so have the thoughts inside my head!…
You, too, can have the inside dish on what goes on inside my head. I’m sure you’d like to know what I am thinking, so keep reading and be fabulous!

bubble idea inspiration

I had been debating rebranding my blog BOLD moves for a while now. I’m not incredibly bold nor do I discuss bold moves that others make. The only bold move that I made in recent memory was moving to Chicago for a situation that just didn’t work out. The tall tale below offers a first-hand perspective of the inspiration behind the newest space to see and be seen. Please give a great big blog hello to So Original!

Once upon a time in a month called February, I had a great time at WRAL-TV’s Brown Bag Tweetup. I met some awesome new folks and got to chat with several familiar faces too. It was nice to finally put names and Twitter handles to some faces as we went around the room introducing ourselves. And suddenly it was my turn to speak. To everyone. At once and tell them who I am.

So what did I do? I totally spaced on an appropriate elevator speech, which would have properly conveyed my background and my current stance on my evolving personal brand. What could I say? At that point, I was in still in transition – couch surfing between gracious friends and incredibly patient parents, getting adjusted to my new marketing internship at an interactive agency, continuing my safari to find a job (Note: NOT A GIG) that offered adjectives like full-time, paid and benefits – while desperately trying to enjoy the present. My life was a through mish-mash of everyday idiosyncrasies.

And then I started speaking. Here is (approximately) how it went down: State my name. Gwynne Murphy. Check. Okay now what? My Twitter handle. I’m at GwynneMurphy on Twitter…so original, I know, but it gets the job done…What else? What else? This is not the appropriate time for a complete life story nor is it kosher for me to plead out of desperation for real employment. And I already sound sarcastic as it is….

I go on to mumble through something along the lines of how I intern with a couple of the other Tweetup attendees. And scene. It’s over but still feel like I had a classic Doh! Moment.

Afterwards, I wonder how this could have happened. I carefully analyzed my hurried, awkward attempt at introducing myself to the group. Granted, I should have already developed a better intro elevator speech. However, I am able to rationalize my words as a shining light of epiphany among the whirl of everyone’s job titles and credentials.

My conclusion is simple. It’s okay. Because I am “so original.” Yes it may have come across as sarcasm, but it’s true. If I wasn’t original, people wouldn’t be interested. No one can quite accomplish what I do. It is my job to be original. I ooze originality like it’s my job, but, hey, wait, it is. As part of the marketing-social-media-digital world, I work for the benefit of others. My originality is needed when it comes to client services and brand management. Clients never want to be portrayed as a generic brand. They want originality and creativity.

Unique is over done. Being nice is like being road kill. It’s just a default adjective – an overused, ubiquitous copout. It’s the go-to word used to refer to people whom you don’t really know or understand. (E.g. “She was nice” is the fitting response when your guy friend asks you what you think of the random chick he introduced you to so you could approve their romantic entanglement.)

To be original, you have to be one of a kind. That’s me – original. Completely authentic me on display for the digital world. Originality sparks creativity and ingenuity. So I leave it to you. Please let me know what you think about this “So Original” proposition.

Ladies, gents, pirates and lurkers, may I have your attention please? I’d like to formally introduce you to my newest product So Original. It is a direct extension of me. My thoughts and opinions are my own. I hope you revel in my exploration of, well, everything. Just a reminder, my personal brand is still in development – beta, if you will – so I would appreciate your continued patronage and feedback as the subject matter may vary from time to time.



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My Experience at the WWW2010 Conference

WWW2010 logo Raleigh, NC

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the WWW2010 (pronounced Dub-Dub-Dub-Twenty-Ten) Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was exposed to a great deal and would like to share some of my notable experiences including hearing keynote speakers Google Vice President Vint Cerf and Microsoft social media researcher Danah Boyd.

Vint Cerf’s keynote talk on Wednesday about Bandwidth, Clouds and Things, Oh My! really made me think about this 37 year old thing called the internet that keeps us all connected. As Americans we take the network’s connectivity for granted, while the internet has only reached 20% of Asia. Cerf also spoke about the many challenges that we face today through growing access methods. For many people, a mobile device is the first and/or only way to access the web and web-based applications because of the flexibility to stay connected. According to Cerf, we are a community of information producers and information consumers due to mobile devices. He discussed other challenges, like the importance of privacy and security, cloud collaboration and digital compatibility and preserving our “rotten bits.”

Wednesday’s keynote panel featured Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. This group discussed the ways society relies on data. Governments need accurate data to achieve meaningful results. Stand out participant Andrew McLaughlin, who is the deputy U.S. chief technology office in the Executive Office of the U.S. President, called for a digital revolution to increase accessibility and make it faster, higher, further and stronger.

Dana Boyd really knows her stuff. Her entire presentation (including PowerPoint slides) was one of the most on-point and dynamic presentations that I have seen in a long time. It was a pleasure to hear her speak on such high level research topics. She was able to bring in-depth research down to a more relatable, conversational level, even giving a shoutout to LambdaMOO. She discussed the importance of considering context in great lengths. Content with out context just shouldn’t exist. She used several examples of privacy on the web, most notably referencing Facebook’s blatant failure to effectively communicate its privacy policy to its users, as well as Facebook’s nonchalant sharing of its users’ personal data. A well-versed researcher, Boyd offered insight into how and why people are using social networks, pointing out that the strength and the importance of social network connections are more meaningful than the frequency of interaction between users. Her work concentrates on teen use of social media which allows us to track the usage trends as the group gets older.

The FutureWeb forum was held in conjunction with WWW2010. Here are the highlights:

  • Americans have fewer close friends as compared to in 1985, largely as a consequence of social networks.
  • Mobile is coming into its own and along with web apps. As more and more people access the internet via mobile devices, a greater emphasis will be placed on the mobile marketplace.
  • Digital business strategies should focus on customer engagement.
  • Web analysts are stewards of data, and as such they should provide context.
  • Use analytic data for business decisions, not accounting purposes. These campaign measurements allow you to make course corrections in real time.
  • Bloggers are journalists. Some journalists are bloggers, and some bloggers prefer not to be journalists. If you write in a journal, you are a journalist. Now, how many members of the press still write in journals?

Hope you enjoyed a peak into the conference that was WWW2010. I’m sorry if you missed some of our local folks on panels with some Facebook and Google execs. If you would like to see more, read the recaps from some in-the-know people at Elon University  had to say OR search for #www2010 or #fw2010 on Twitter.



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Do You Ever Wonder

Blossoms Change

Photo by Metrix X

Do you ever wonder who are your website lurkers? It seems whenever there is a period of change the statistics spike, and it makes me wonder. Who are these people? Do I know them? Are they waiting for some big announcement?

Well sometimes there isn’t a great, big giant announcement. There is no name bashing or, conversely, undeserved glorification. Life just happens. It continues to progress and change. For now, you’re going to have to wait. There may be exciting news, or there might just be another awesome blog post right around the corner. Until then…



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Where Does Your Blog Stand

Stand up and take notice. Your blog is where you put it. Do you prop it up against your hobbies or rely on your education to support it? Keep in mind that your blog is completely what you make it. You define its position. You finesse its message with your brilliant copy writing skills.

Prioritize your goals about blogging

Photo by koalazymonkey

If you thought that figuring out your life is a lot of responsibility, try establishing your online presence and managing your reputation through blog content. Yeah, they should offer college degrees in both life AND blogging.

I’ll be the first to admit that my blog has not been the object of my affection for the past few months. Unfortunately, I guess this means I  have been a blogging slacker. Sorry, folks. I would like to apologize on behalf of, well, myself. That was meaningful, right?

Any way, this year I want to concentrate more on becoming the person I want to be, so I am setting forth some goals. New Year’s resolutions are for beginners. Behold my Q2 resolutions (Version 20.10)…

  • Live up to my potential. An on-going process, for sure. Often there are not enough hours in the day, but a lifetime sure is enough time to pursue my dreams.
  • Land an awesome full-time job. While I enjoy the flexibility of working part-time at two very different organizations, a full-time position would offer several advantages.
  • Give BOLD moves the attention it deserves. I want my blog to be fabulous, so I should shower it with love and content creation.
  • Be healthier and work on my running game. In all seriousness, I want to develop a more regular work out routine and build up my running endurance and speed.

Hope this inspires you to take some time to prioritize some of your goals. I’ve found that this provides clarity when sorting out all the gory details of life. (Of course I’m exaggerating with that last statement. Also, I’m intentionally leaving out some of that fun personal stuff to keep this a more of a professional list because truly bold moves don’t tolerate that type of drama.) So, go forth and enjoy taking some baby steps toward finding yourself!



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New Possibilities in the New Year

I’ve been busy and wanted to take the opportunity to update you on all the happenings…

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have secured a new internship – my first non-PR-related internship. I know what you’re thinking. It is a total oh-my-goodness-I’m-so-glad-this-finally-happened situation.

Twine Interactive Internet Marketing Agency

Photo by Twine Interactive

Right after the New Year, I started working in downtown Raleigh at Twine Interactive as their marketing intern. Not to be cliché, but I’m really enjoying my time at the office. It is nice to be back in the swing of things and feel productive about my work. The position focuses on content strategy and execution, and I was able to dive right in working on email marketing and social media campaigns. I’m happy to be working with such a good group of folks and excited about learning more about developing campaign strategy. I foresee many fun times to be had at Twine Interactive.

For the time being, I am couch surfing between a couple friends in the Triangle while the rest of my week is spent in Pinehurst. Fortunately, I’m still able to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity of the NC Sandhills and have been involved with the planning for their upcoming Gala “April in Paris .”

I look forward to the many possibilities ahead, including finding my first full-time-permanent-employee-this-is-for-real job.



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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I have been a very, very, very good girl this year. All I want for Christmas is a full-time job. I would prefer it to be related to public relations, marketing and/or digital communications, but I am open to other options. I feel that I would contribute more to the niceness of the world by being gainfully employed. If you could find this present for me, I would be ever so grateful and promise to spread your message of good will toward mankind throughout the next year.

Please enjoy the milk and the kiefle cookies beside the fireplace. Safe journeys!

Your most faithful believer,


P.S. If you are tired of milk and cookies, there is a bottle of wine with your name on it. Best wishes to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer!

P.P.S. And the elves, too!

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Ode to the Internship

You accepted an intern position to learn real world skills and to put those classroom theories to the test? I am proud of you for seeking out learning opportunities in your chosen field. Wait, you’re still in school? Even better. Balancing a full course load, an internship, a part-time job and a social life is a great lesson in time management.

You may not get all the glory and recognition as an intern, but you can provide value by being an asset to the team. Believe it or not, the experience will be mutually beneficial if you put in the effort.

I thought it was standard practice for universities to emphasize the need for their students to have this experience. Before I moved to Chicago, I had four internships under my belt. I positioned myself to work in a public relations agency by focusing my internship experiences and gradually moving to larger and larger organizations. After graduation I accepted a post-grad internship with a global PR firm.

To my surprise, the majority of my fellow interns did not have prior agency experience. Some had not even held an internship position as an undergraduate. During my time at UNC-Chapel Hill, I worked at the campus bookstore, held internships and held leadership positions with several student organizations. My internships definitely supplemented my classroom education, and provided valuable learning experience. I did not understand why other schools were not emphasizing the importance of internships in their curriculum.

I know working at an internship and being a full-time student can be challenging. However, it is also a rewarding experience that will help you hone your time management skills and provide a great introduction to the “real world.” In exchange for helping to complete tasks and projects, you obtain real-life industry experience and will be exposed to the day-to-day functions at the firm. Hopefully you will earn a leg up on your resume with a reference or two for being such a rock star intern.

You’re not earning money for the work you are doing as an intern? So what. There is more to life than receiving a pay check as a student. I understand everyone’s situation is different, but if you are able to afford working at an unpaid internship, do it. The experience is far more rewarding than any job at a burger joint could offer. In my experience there are far more unpaid opportunities available than paid internship positions. Keep in mind that your school can only help you so much, and then it is up to you to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

Furthermore, an internship is a great time to expand your network. You’ll have the opportunity to make industry connections as a student. Don’t neglect your alumni network. People are usually more than willing to pay forward the help someone gave them when they were first starting out.

Go forth, students and recent graduates, and find the internship that is right for you. Kudos to you if you if you land an internship position! Double kudos if you find a paid internship!!



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